Eternal Luxury's story

"Be Strong As God As Created You"

Eternal Luxury is born from a divine inspiration. A travel through time where spirituality and modern, contemporary and baroque geometric forms are combined.

Founded in 2018 by Christian Emmanuel Akhénaton Soumbou & Emmanuelle Agnès Guerrier, Eternal Luxury has continued to evolve since its inception to assert its royal style with a touch of French romanticism.

Each project is carefully and lovingly selected to create the essence of a jewel or accessory that is more than a simple bag, watch or bracelet.

We take our inspiration principally from the generous beauty of forms and divine materials that nature and life provide us with in order to create the baroque and modern trend that can be found in all Eternal Luxury creations.
Behind our products there is a story.

Christian was born in Paris where the Parisian charm has influenced most of his artistic orientations and inspirations since his childhood. Attracted by the aesthetics, symbolism and the symbolic of architecture, monuments, places, objects, colors and historical events, Christian was naturally oriented towards the artistic branch, design and creativity.

Emmanuelle was also born in Paris and grew up with a traditional French education and culture. Enjoying music, literature, science and the arts, Emmanuelle has always been influenced by spirituality and the search for fulfillment of one's destiny.

In 2011, Christian and Emmanuelle met and have been together ever since. Complementary and entrepreuneur, they decide together to create their own brand and products to give birth in 2018 to Eternal Luxury.

"Be Strong As God As Created You" is the pillar of their vision and the source of their inspiration.